This page is to create a list of beliefs of the Republican Party. These must be party beliefs, not just the beliefs of one candidate.
1. The Republicans say that they are the party of Liberty and Equality Republican Website - Tierney
2. Republicans claim to be the party of tax cuts Republican and Democrat belief website Who wrote this? (I am pretty sure that it was Isa)

3. The Republicans claim to be the first party to support environmental issues. Republican belief site
4. The Republicans claim that they were the first party to officially push for women’s suffrage. Republican and Democrat belief website - Fabian Borelly
5. The Republicans believe that the strength of the nation is within the individual. Republican beliefs -Adriana
6. Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you're a conservative radio host. Then it's an illness and you need our prayers for your recovery. -Sol
7. The republican "mascot" was created by a cartoonist named Thomas Nast, it appeared in Harpes Weekly in november 7, 1874 -Annette Brinckerhoff
8. republicans have a planned for a balanced budget reducing the difict to zero in 7 years without raising taxesrepublicans belief jaya
Historically, the Republican Party has made several contributions to the protection of the environment. Republican President Theodore Roosevelt was a prominent conservationist whose policies eventually led to the creation of the modern U.S. National Park Service. Also, President Richard Nixon was responsible for establishing the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. More recently, California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the support of 16 other states, sued the Federal Government and the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the right to set vehicle emission standards higher than the Federal Standard a right to which California is entitled under the Clean Air Act.Wikipedia
11. Republicans belives in support of attempts for the democratization of Middle Eastern countries currently under the rule of dictatorships Other international policies -Agnieszka