Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States of America. Post a message on this page for the president-elect. Let him know how you feel about the future, ask him any questions you would like to ask, and give him some suggestions of what actions he should take once he becomes president. When we are done with this page I will write to him letting him know that we have some suggestions for him. He has a web site created for the time between the election and his taking office.

Dear Mr.Barack Husein Obama:I got the feeling that you are going to be the best president throughout U.S history. I would like to know how are you going to change the world, in other words how are you different from other presidents. I would also want to know how are you going to deal with the Iraq scenario? Second of all, I would like to know how are you going to fix the United States economy? Finally I would like to know if you are going to do something to prevent global warming.
Hoping you good luck,
Daniel A

Dear Mr.President: I first of all would like to congratulate you, I believe in you and hope and know that you will do an outstanding job. I would like to ask you if you could please, above all things, try to resolve the problems with the country`s economy because I think that it is affecting the whole world, and it concerns me. Will you stop the war at once? How much, aproximately will it take you? The best of wishes for you and your family.

I think you have a great idea about the war with Iraq, the economy and how to govern the country. Are you not concerned that the Iraqis are going to attack the country? I think you should have some defenses ready. How are you to handle the Dow jones and all the banks ? also are you going to follow george Bush idea about trading with othe countries?


I completely agree with you since I believe that the economy of the states needs to be taken care of, and even though some people will have to pay more than others the country needs the money ,and also that we don’t need to see what the country can do for us, but we need to see what we can do for the country, so I think that electing you as a president is helping the country because you will make a big change in the country, and I also think you managed the debates very good, and I’m sure you will do a good job.


i think that you would be a great and successful president who will think about the people. What would you do if someone suddenly nuclear bombs us? Do you already have a way to defend the country and its people? What would you do if the country never regains and level the economy? Do you think the U.S. will ever be as prosperous as before or will it be better? I think we should think about and help the endangered species and other animals who share this planet with us but i don't think resurrecting them from extinction is that good of an idea. - Susie

I consider your plans to govern the US are very well thought out, and I hope you are very succesful. If your plans to regain the strength of the country's economy don't work, do you have an alternative? Are you going to change anything about the free trade agreements that the US has with other countries? Do you have any plans to help the enviornmental issues?-Mariangel



I think Mr. President Obama should think more on other people, not only americans. What if someday aliens attack Mexico or Costa Rica, you are not protecting those countries; everyone should protect everyone else; not only themselves. so, think more on other people, not only United States. But else to that, you are doing perfect on your job. :)

Your plans for the United States are well thought out. I have a question about your economy plan, though: What is your "back up plan" if raising taxes doesn't make much of a difference? I admire you greatly for taking a stand for what you believe in. Also, in the debates, you mentioned something about using nuclear energy as an alternative for fossil fuels, how do you plan on handling the waste so it doesn't go out of control and intoxicate part of the population? -Sabrina

I believe its something historical and awesome at the same time that for the time in American history people have made the decision of electing an African-American person to represent them as an union and to guide them through the conflicts that are yet to come. I think its something special that people are breaking away from the monotonous and usual stereotype of the American president and they are beginning to realize that there are people out there have good ideas and they are willing to ring about a major and historical change for the benefit and the strength of a society that has remained together so many years. Now, I think that President Obama will definitely bring a change that people of the Unites States have been begging for for the past six years maybe. Also, I think that Mr. Obama will with no doubt in my mind take into consideration peoples' thoughts and ideas for a better and brighter future and I truly believe that he cares about the welfare of other countries too for knowing that his descendants come from another country rather than the Unites States, I believe that he will have the wisdom to know that other countries need aid too. However, I do have some questions in my mind about the future plans that lay before the Unites States ad they are as follows: What are you planning to do if the current economic situation does not improve in the Unites States (specially taking into consideration the peoples' future)? Do you have any plans for trying to aid the current increase and decrease in the petroleum prices as well as amount? What are you planning to do about the current issue with the global warming and the decay of the environment and the planet as a whole? Finally, what are you planning to do with the plans for free trading compromise with another countries?- Fabian

I think your plans for the United States are really thought out and I really like some of the things you are going to do with immigration and economy. I was wondering if you had plans to help the environment? I hope you are very successful and really help out the US.
-marina :]

Dear Mr. Obama,
I would like to congratulate you for your election. I would also like to say you are the best president the U.S of A has had in a real long time. I also agree with almost all you ideas. I hope you don’t end up like Bush. Please remove the troops as fast as possible, say hi to The Boss please.


I think that you are going to do an amazing job as the president, i am really happy you won the elections. I think that your plans to help the countries economy are great, and i hope that they will work, but if by any reason they don't work what are you going to do? What are you going to do about all the differences between U.S.A and Iraq? what are u going to do if he attack USA? what do you think about Osama Bin Laden? Do u believe u are going to be the best USA president? WOHH! OBAMA

I am very glad that you got elected as president I know that your ideas will help a lot the country. I just wanted to know about the Iraq war, when are you planning to get the troops out of there? I hope that very soon, U.S. is one of the best countries in the world and with you it will be better than the best. I also wanted to know what do you want to do with the economical issue that U.S. is having at them moment? what are you planning to do to fix it? I know your ideas will solve all of U.S. problems.

I am glad that you won, Mr. Obama. Some things I think you should do are help the environment and stop the war in Iraq. The environment is getting ruined because of all the oil and other fumes going into the atmosphere. We need an alternate source of energy, such as solar or electrical. I also think the war should stop. Our nation is losing young men and wasting time, money, and resources. I think that you can and should make these things happen. If anyone can, its you. I know you will make a good president.

I think you will do a great job as president of the United States, and you will be great at taking control of the country because you have it all full planned out. What I’m wondering is if you have another plan if your plan if Iraq fails? Are you ready if a sudden attack (like a war) suddenly happens, will you be able to control your country, and also help others including Costa Rica? I suggest you to continue with your current plan and keep on doing what is best for everybody; you will make a historical change for the USA.
Melany R.

Dear Mr. Obama
I think you will be a really successful president, and we won’t regret voting for you. It is true that we needed a change. I hope everything goes well during your years of presidency. I am really worried about war in Iraq. What are you planning for the country now that it depends on you? Is the environment an important factor in your decisions? I hope it is, because we need to take care of our air, and if we don’t do it now, maybe it will be too late. Also, I think one of the most important thing now is education, since the ones who are being educated today will be in charge of the world tomorrow. Have that in mind. I wish the best for you,

Ok, Mr. Obama, first of all I have to say that I am very relived that you were elected or more as votes as our president. I was for you, but never really heard anything about your views on the environment, endangered animals or global warming. I only followed that you didn’t want drilling in the ocean, which I completely agree with. They are all issues and problems that affect us (global warming) and to me it seems President Bush didn’t do anything to help the environment, so I was wondering if you are going to work on that. Please reply saying if you are going to do anything and not just if you agree or not with it. I am also wondering about your opinion on animal cruelty/testing and fur coats. Thank you!

Dear President Obama,
Congratulations for being the president of the United States. Im really happy that you were elcted for the U.S.A president. I think you will be a really good presiden tin the future and that you will help United States and even help all the world about problems, especially "The Global Warming" case. Yah, and the war in Iraq, i still can't get why they got a war, maybe it's because of the terrorists but I think they should fight back because i would even make it bigger. I know you will help us and make the world peaceful. Go go go Obama, you can do it! =D
- Joy

I think Obama is going to be a horrible president, but I cant change the elections. I don’t agree with almost anything Obama says. I am wondering why Obama is going to try to take the troops out of Iraq so quickly, and I deffinatly don’t agree with it. I also don’t agree with his decision to raise taxes for the people who are wealthier, they have probably worked hard for that money and they deserve it. What happens if rasising the taxes doesn’t change anything? Also, I don’t agree with any of his economic stratdgies for the country either, and I don’t think they will work as greatly as he thought. What is he going to do about the U.S. and Iraqs problems or differences with eachother? In general Mccain deffinatly should have won.

I think Obama will do a great job for president. What I am most concerned about is what he will do about the war in Iraq. I don't believe he should take the troops out too quickly since it could provoke other countries and then cause even more trouble. Other than that, I wish him good luck with the economic problems and I hope he does the best he can, and asks for help if he needs it, not just do it by himself if he can't to make hi look better. Anyway, just good luck with the country!!
-Ingrid <3

Dear President Elect Obama
First of all congratulations on being the first President of color. I want to warn you that there are racist people out there who might want to do you harm so ,just be careful. I also am concerned about your experience as a leader you have none that I can see which prepares you to be the President of the U.S.of A.
However, I am hopeful that the change you promised to bring to the country happens. You are from a background different from any other President in the country's history. This hopefully will help you see things in a totally different light.Your economic plans need to be implemented right away. From what I and see in the news people are losing jobs everyday at a fasterand faster rate. This makes me concerned for the future and availability of opportunitites not just now but later, my future. I also am happy to see that you are considering Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.This shows you can forget the past and focus on the future.It shows you want to have the best people available. I know you have many large issue to address but have you ever thought of having a Council of Advisors that are kids like me? It might be useful to you to hear what we think and what is important to us. We have a lot of good ideas and after all you are working on our future.

I think Obama will be a great president, and can make a good difference for the United states, I agree with most of your ideas and know you can do a historical change. All of your ideas are well thought and well planed. what I do not know is the war with Iraq. But I do know that you can make it, and its in good hands. You will be a great president, and the United States has not have a good president in a long time. Now you are here and you can prove wrong. I believe in you. Congratulations for your success.
- Joa-

Dear Mr. Obama,
Congratulations on your election as President. I think you are going to do a great job as president of the United States of America. It is wonderful that the US has made a change in choosing an African- American as well as a Democrat. I have a few questions: what are your plans for the war in Iraq?, What do you plan on doing about the economy?, Do you think the economy is going to get better?, How many years will it take for the economy to go back to where it was?, also I would like to ask you, What will you do with the problem of abortion? I think you will be a great president to the United States of America, and you will make many smart choices and have wonderful ideas to make the United States of America a great country, like it has always been.
Congratulations and I hope you are able to make a CHANGE!
- Lydia -

Mr. Obama, congratulations. I have been on your side since I knew what you would do about the war in Iraq. I would like to ask some questions. Which ideas for all the economic problems do you have in mind? When are you going to start putting your words into actions?
What do you think about the TLC with Costa Rica? What do you think about Latin America? Do you have a plan if Iraq attacks the US after all the troops are safely home? That's all I want to know, so good luck and good bye. -adri

I am really psyched that you won. I believe that your ideas will help the US economy a lot. About the war on Iraq, do you have a specific strategy or procedure to get the troops out of there? What will you do after you take them out, and when are you taking them out of there? I think you should help Iraq environmentally after ruining their atmosphere from the war. Because of the war America is wasting money, people and valuable resources. The war should stop. With you as president the US has a better chance at making these things happen, I know for sure you will make a good president, don’t be nervous. good luck.

Mr. Obama, I have to congratulate you for your amazing victory against senator McCain, in my personal opinion I think you are going to be an excellent president, you are going to make history in the US presidential victories , plus you are the first African-american to be elected as the president of the United States of America. Honestly, I think that as the new president of the United States you should focus more on global warming and other conflicts the world is passing through. I congratulate you and hope you do well.

Dear Mr. Obama,

I have a few questions for you. First of all is, what are you going to do about the economy? Second is what are you going to do about the energy crisis? And third is what are you going to do about the war? I have some suggestions for you. I don’t think you should pull out of Iraq right now. I think that would be disastrous. We would not gain very much from that. I do think that you should try to find some alternative fuels but I don’t think the environment is the most pressing issue. As for the economy, I think the most important parts are the banks and houses. I don’t know a whole lot about it but that is what I think. I also ask you to remember that half of this country isn’t democrat. You didn’t win by that much.


Dear Mr. Obama:

I would like to congratulate you for winning the election. First of all, I need to say that your ideas are amazing and I see a prosperous future for America. I am also very happy because soon, war will finally stop and people can return home to their families and live their life.
I have a couple of questions: What would you do if America suddenly gets bombed by and atomic bomb? What will you do if change is impossible? When do you think Americas economy will rise again? Will you trade with other countries? What is the first thing you will do when you finally take the role as president? Also, what dog are you going to buy for you and your family?

Fabian G.

Dear President Obama,

I was so relieved that you were elected. You are extremely positive and have ideas that are surely going to change America for better. When you become President, please keep in mind that EVERY SINGLE THNG you do is going to affect millions of lives.
I also have some questions for you. How do you plan on making sure that more people graduate and have better quality of education? Also, out of all of the things that President Bush has done to America, which do you agree with and which shall you never repeat?
Please take care of us, end this war responsibly, and help us out of this economic crisis. I wish you lots of luck and wisdom.

Mr. Obama I have to congratulate you for your amazing victory as winning as the president of the United States America. I think you are going to do a great job as the president I have always been on your side since you said you wanted to stop the war of Iraq. I just have a couple of questions. What are you planning on doing with the war of Iraq? And what do you think is going to happen with the economy? I am very glad you won and I congratulate you a lot I hope you really do make a change
-Jaya Z

mr. Obama,
Congratulations on winning this election. Your plans for the United States seem great.
I think that your economic plans are amazing but... what if eventually those economy plans
don't work? Have you thought about terrorism?

Dear Mr. Obama,
I am so happy you won! I really believe you will make a change for good, but I’m not sure that the economy problem will be easy to solve. I like that you’re trying to save the companies so people don't loose their job. But people seem very secure they will be saved from this and I’m not sure if it will happen as fast. My question is, when do you predict the economical crisis will end?

Dear Mr. Obama:
I would like to congratulate you for winning the election against a pretty strong rival; it was very inspiring to see the first African-American become the president of the Unites States of America. Mr. Obama,I would like you to answer some questions, How are you going to fix the economic crisis that is impacting everyone in the world but specially us, the Latin-American countries? What are you going to do with the war? Are you going to fix and make a plan for a more stable and stronger economy? And finally, are you going to do something about the global warming issue? Because if it’s not handled now, in the future it will be very difficult to fix the mistake we earlier made. Well Mr. Obama, I wish you good luck with that very important job in the United States.

Dear Mr Obama,
I think it is great that you won, and that you can do so much for the United States, more than your opponent ever could. But I find the fact that neither you nor your opponent supported gay marriage disturbing. The constitution of the country that is very nearly at your hands states that all men are created equal. But how is denying some peoples right equal? To me, and I am sure many other people, this is unconstitutional. And I can't believe in any country whose whole basis which they stand on is not credible. Or at least to me.
Good look for wherever it may lead you, or whatever it is worth.

Dear Mr. Obama,
Congratulations for winning the election. I have a couple questions for you. What are your plans for leveling out the economy? What are your plans for saving the earth from global warming? I think that is one of the major issues to look at once you become president!
Good luck!
Ella :D

Dear Mr. Obama.
I would like to congratulate you for winning the election. I believe that you will be great president and you will change the United Stations for better. I agree with you about the Iraq situation and the economy. I have a couple questions for you. What would you do if yours economy plans don’t work ? Also, have you though about terrorism ?.

Dear Mr. Obama,
I am so glad that you won the election and that we are not going to be subject to McCain for the next four years.I completely agree with you about taking the troops out of Iraq as soon as possible. I also agree with you about raising taxes on teh extramely wealthy. They don't need all that money when some people have none. How are you going to pay for all the things you have suggested for the economy? What would you do about climate change and the environment?

Dear Mr. President,

First of all I want to congratulate you for the amazing campaign you have created during this elections. We all know becoming president on what is now the greatest country in the world isn't easy. Having this said I want to ask you some questions. 1st: How are you going to maintain stability in the economy when the stock and financial markets collapse? 2nd: Terrorism around the world has been increasing greatly, what would you do to create a safer world? 3rd: How do you want to solve the conflicts in the Middle East? 4th: How can you reduce the poverty around the world? Those are my questions for you Mr. President and congratulations again.
-Carlos G.

I am very pleased that Obama won the presidency. I am curious though if the plan to "save" the economy does not work what will you do next? And if there is absolutely no way to get the economy back to normal (with all of the major banks bankrupt and china's money is going to run out soon) what will you do and what will you say to the people? what are you going to do about the global warming issues? Have you thought about what will happen when you remove the troops from Iraq, do you think that they will turn and another incident like the twin towers will happen? Do you think you can lower the petroleum prices and when it runs out what will you do?
-Annette B.

Dear Mr. Obama,

First of all congratulations in your awsome campaign ad your victory against Mr. McCain. I have some questions for you, first, how do you plan to solve the economy crisis? Second, don't you think taking the troops all out of Iraq will only cause chaos, and insecurity? And last, Mr. Obama, I have some suggestions for you. I believe you should have to do something to save the world from global warming, because the world is slowly tearing apart.

Erik R

Dear Mr. Obama,
I would like to congratulate you for winning the United States of America presidential elections. I, Allan Kader Fishman, would like to ask you a few questions about your plans as the next president of the U.S. and A. First of all I would like to ask you what you are going to do about the economic problems that the US is suffering and that impact other countries, such as Costa Rica. Second I would like to know what you will do about the war with Iraq.

-Allan K.

Dear Mr. Obama,
Congratulations on winning the elections! I think you are going to be a very successful president, and I know you will help the USA become a better nation. I only have a few questions for you. As the president of the USA what are you planning to do with the war in Iraq and when will the troops be coming back home? I also wanted to know what your plans for the enviornemt are? if you are planning to make the USA a greener nation?. I wish you the best of luck during your presidency and I know you will do a great job.
-Cristina R.

Mr. Obama
First I wanted to congratulate you on winning the elections. I really support your choices and I agree with what you think, mainly about the war and taking the troops out of Iraq. One thing though, is about gay marriage. I really don't understand why people don't support it, since according to the constitution, every men is equal, and if they are happy that way, why not let them be? I mean, no offense, but I don't really think that you would like it if people started giving their opinion on your marriage. Some questions for you, what will you do if your plan for the economy doesn't work? What are your ideas for alternative fuels? What are you planning on doing about global warming?
Good luck with everything!
- Heloisa

Dear Mr. Obama,
First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your success at the elections. I support you an I agree in many things with you. I believe that you will be a very, very good president. I believe that you will make history in the U. S. and that you will do the best to can to help your country and help it succeed. I wanted to know some things. When will you try to stop the war? Will you try to decrease global warming for a better future? Those are only some questions I have. I would also believe that you should try to stop excessive production of products that are not really necessary for the people. I also suggest that the war should be stopped immediately, if we want a much better future. I also believe that global warming is a very important issue that will affect our future greatly and that it should be decreased as soon as possible for the benefit of all of us.
I wish you the best of luck on everything,
-Marianna D

Dear Mr. Obama,
I would like to congratulate you on becoming the 44th president of the United States. I think that you will make a great president and I support many of your ideas. My first question is how are you going to handle our economy? With all the people loosing their savings, homes and jobs, what should be done? I would also like to bring up the situation in Iraq. How are you going to withdraw our troops with out the Iraq Government collapsing? My last question is about Global Warming. What steps are you going to take to help solve our problem with Global Warming?
I wish you the best of luck,
Sarah K

Mr. Obama,
I think that you deserve utmost respect from anyone from any party for winning this election. I think that you made a great decision by picking Clinton as your secretary of state. I also have a few questions; what do are you going to do about off-shore drilling? What will you do if the bail out plan for the economy doesn't work? I really do believe that you can do a lot of what you promise. The best of luck.

Dear President Obama,
I would first want to congratulate you for becoming the president.I support many of your ideas to make USA a better nation. I have some question about the country and its economy like, how are you going to handle the economic problems? How are you going to withdraw the troops from iraq? and last, how are you going to handle Global Warming?
Best of luck

Dear Mr.President,
I would like to congratulate you on your success in becoming the next president of the United Staes. First, of all i would like to ask you how you are going to be fixing the situation with the countries economy since it not only affects the United States but the rest of the world? What are yor strategies in fixing this huge crisis the country is going through and how are you planning to assure all those families whose economic future is right no unstable that everything will be fine? Also, i am really concerned with the war in Ira, and i would really like to see that war end under good circumstances. So I would ask you how you are planning to retreave the troops from Iraq and making sure that everything will be alright between the disputing countries? The issue of global warming is another one of my concerns so i would really suggest that you try your hardest to fix that since it is another issue that affects the entire world which you could help change. I really agree with you in many of the ideas you had and shared with the people in your speeches and the debates. i am positive that you will try your best to make United States a better place life not only there but around the world. i wish you the best of luck in your quest of becoming the new president and have faith in you that you will take care of all the concerns of the people.
Congratulations, Jenny

Dear Mr. Obama,
Congratulations! After a long and difficult campaign, I celebrate your success.
Mankind has built an intricate society of governments, nations, and economies which seems to have lately been getting worse and worse. But I think with a little steering in the right direction we can use our intelligence for the better. I'm looking forward to the years to come because as glum as they may appear, I know we have a trustworthy president to lead us as a nation into the future.
Wishing you the best of luck in everything,
Maya F

Dear Mr. Obama,
Congratulations! I am so glad that you won this presidential election. I am really happy that you are our new president and I strongly believe that you will make a difference in our lives. Congratulations for your success in becoming the first African American to become president, and also on your campaigns and hard work you put in order to become the next United States president. I would like to know what will happen with the war in Iraq and what your plans are, in order for a change. I am also curious on what you think will happen with all of the abortion problems, and concerns that people face daily. I would also like to know what ideas you have in order to improve America's economy, because many people are suffering because of this all over the world. I have faith in you and your work, and I strongly believe that America will move on with your help.
Best of luck in everything,
-Melanie V.
DEAR Mr. Obama CONGRADULATIONS i know you will have a seccesful run as president, what is going on with the Illinois senator seat?! there is alot of rumors going on and alot of true rumors but im confuesed at what is happening. im sure you'll fix things up! and good luck! =)

Dear Mr. President Elect,
First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding perfromance on the 2008 Presidential Elections and a really special thanks to show the world how one person can make a difference and stand up for yourself. Your goals are quite a challenge, but im sure that if you devote time and effort, you can achieve what once was a deus ex machina, but now is a big possibility to accomplish. I proudly support you in your unequivocal commitment to withdraw the troops remaining in Iraq rather than to postpone the bout and leave it for later. Im sure you will act adequately, as long as you fulfill your ideas and objectives such as healing the temporarily scarred conflict of United States' economy, solving the devastating phenomenon of the civil war in Iraq by eruditely removing american troops in Iraw, and prevent global warming which would be crucial in not only saving the environment, but the world itself. Regardless of your known and furtive assigments as president, I once again congratulate you in winning one of the highest positions in one of the most powerful countries in the world, and best of luck in your presidential career changing the world for better, and trying to eradicate any future possibilities of any big nuisance or troubles that can form a cluster in your path to becoming a powerful leader.

Mr. Daniel Marin