This page is to create a list of beliefs of the Democratic Party. These must be party beliefs, not just the beliefs of one candidate.
1.Democrats believe that affordable health care is a basic right. Democratic Party Website- Platform - Tierney
2. Democrats believe abortion should be legal Isa
3. Democrats believe that we should withdraw from Iraq Kelsey
4. Democrats belive they should expand the Armed Forces and rebuilt their Military for 21st-century tasks.
5.Democrats Believe the federal government has the right to determine the values which will be taught in public schools and parents' choice of schools must be limited to avoid exposing public schools to competitive forces which would encourage reform and increase Melany R.
6.Democrats Believe individual behavior, including criminal behavior, can be blamed on "society" and that spending on social welfare programs and improvements in prison living conditions can combat crime.socastee Mariangel
7. Democrats believeGovernment respects and protects individual freedoms Sol
8. Democrats believe in equality for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, and religion. They are also strong supporters of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Wikipedia -Maya
9. Democrats say that global warming is real when glaciers around the world have actually been growin since the 1970's and antartica as a whole is getting colder. Global warming was introduced in 1988 by James Hansen who said that Earth's temperatures would rise by .35 celcius in 10 years. In reality, it has only risen .11 degrees celsius which is less than 1/10 of a
10.Democrats belive America should take lead in Sience and Technnology The Democratic Rarty - Agnieszka
11. The democratic party believes that health care should be shared between employers, insurers, providers, and government. All Americans should have coverage they can afford. Health insurance plans should accept all aplicants and sholudnt be allowed to charge differently for people who have pre-existing conditions for example diabetes. - Leah